Adept Aviation Solutions Limited can help organisations improve value propositions to clients, stakeholders and shareholders.

Market Insight is critical to maintaining competitive advantage. Adept Aviation Solutions provides this to clients through its knowledge and understanding of, and access to information about, the aerospace, defence and security markets and also those adjacent markets from where new potentially disruptive competitors can emerge.

Business Operations need to continually improve to ensure agility and speed in the market place. Adept Aviation Solutions can support clients wanting to transform their business winning processes and procedures from strategic planning to bid and proposal management.

Stakeholder Engagement is vital to create a shared vision across the organisation and into it’s markets. Adept Aviation Solutions can undertake Stakeholder Mapping to determine the most appropriate engagement plans for internal and external stakeholders.

Business Development activities need to reflect the market and potential customers specific needs. Working with a clients sales and marketing team, Adept Aviation Solutions can help ensure the right approach is defined and then executed to plan.


Technology Exploitation of helicopter systems including mechanical diagnostics, noise and vibration control, thermoplastic composites in  adjacent aerospace, defence and space markets

Capability Sustainment of in-service helicopters including Australian Navy Sea Kings and Egyptian Air Force Commandos (funded by USG)

High Profile Marketing and Sales with critical role in obtaining USG contract to supply VH-71 Presidential Helicopters for the White House

Turn-Key Contracts for AW139M helicopters, systems, training and support services obtained from Trinidad & Tobago and Egypt (via USG)

Market Development in USA that positioned Leonardo to obtain contracts for MH-139M (US Air Force) and TH-73 (US Navy)

Capability Development by creating militarisation roadmaps for AW139M, AW149, AW169M helicopters; and, with suppliers, developing Airborne Mine Countermeasures capable AW101 Merlin and “ASW Acoustic Assistant” augmented AW159 Wildcat helicopters

Market Planning specifically for the maritime helicopter and battlefield helicopter markets considering requirements and trends out to 2035

Unmanned Air Systems Strategic Planning resulting in obtaining Rotary Wing UAS Concept Capability Demonstrator contract from UKMoD, Market Development of AWHERO Tactical UAS and development of Advanced Teaming concepts with manned helicopters

Tony Duthie’s Qualifications

University of Bristol

BSc Aeronautical Engineering

University of Bath

Master of Business Administration

Chartered Engineer

Chartered Aeronautical Engineer

Royal Aeronautical Society

Member RAeS
Committee Member of UAS Specialist Group

Civil Aviation Authority

Private Pilot (No Longer Current)